Bringing Spiritual Revival to Saints and Local Churches


The Problem:

A spiritual drought plagues many local churches. It is caused largely by narcissism or self-centeredness. Too many saints have lost the desire to know the Lord and to understand His will. Too many of us refuse to submit our will to Him; as I did for 25 years. Pastors thus are preaching to spiritually ‘dead eyes’ week after week, sadly, year after year.

The Solution:

But the Lord has raised up a unique prayer ministry that targets this need: ‘Pray for each other, by name . . . for spiritual revival’ (Eph 6:18, Rom 8:14). This prayer ministry is changing the entire dynamic. It induces people to focus on others, and not on themselves, by exchanging names and praying for each other every day, by name, for spiritual revival (1 Jn 5:14-15). And, praise God, He is not only answering these prayers but seems eager to do so.

Allow the Lord to bless your congregation with spiritual revival! (Luke 11:13).

Local Church and Missionary Options to Get Started:

  1. Print the prayer cards and present the prayer ministry yourself (see the “How it Works” page).
  2. I am available to visit your church to present the ministry (see the 8-minute video below). For more discussion
    contact me.


Pastor Testimonies

“There is a sweet spirit in the congregation that I never noticed before”.

“The people are more kind and considerate, looking after each other’s needs”.

“My head usher has done a 180 and is on fire for the Lord. The congregation is recognizing their sin and starting to deal with it”.

“God is continuing to do some great things, primarily internal heart changes, in the lives of the people in our church.



Vision Statement

That God would bring spiritual revival to saints and local churches, worldwide.

Mission Statement

Introduce a simple method whereby pastors can lead in exchanging names and encouraging members then to pray for each other by name… Spiritual Revival.