Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about the ministry. If you have other questions, please feel free to get in touch through the contact form.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. I am not seeking financial support; the ministry I envision requires no money. It’s a gift from the Lord to local churches. I want simply to be His servant to deliver this ministry to you

Is this open to all churches?
Yes. This ministry is not linked with or targeted to any particular denomination.

What is meant by, “pray for spiritual revival”?
Members of a congregation are asked to pray for a specific person using the suggestions on the front of the prayer card. Another occasion might be used to pray for other needs.

How often and how long do we pray for this person?
Pray every day (more than once, if you wish) and do so for 3 months.

Can I pray for more than one person?
Of course.

Should I reveal the name of who it is that I’m praying for?
It would be better if that were not revealed.

Can we give testimonies if we see the Holy Spirit stirring hearts?
Yes, it is your prerogative.

Why the pink cards for ladies and blue cards for men?
Want to separate the sexes so a man isn’t praying for someone else’s wife.

Can we suggest this ministry to other churches?
Of course.

How do we use the Prayer Card template?
There are 2 PDF files, one for the front of the card and the other for the back. (After the PDFs open, right click and save the documents to your computer. You can then use those files for printing.) Down-load the files to a thumb drive and go to a Staples® or other business that prints business cards. Ask them to be printed as business cards, using pink and blue colored cards.

Are there any other suggestions to make this successful after the names are exchanged?
Yes. Members of the congregation should frequently (perhaps weekly) be reminded to pray for the person whose name is on their card. It’s helpful to hold up a Pink and Blue card, because visuals are effective reminders. People have a tendency to forget to pray, and this will help until prayer becomes a component of their daily lives. Ask your “prayer warriors” to remember daily their commitment to pray for each other, by name… for spiritual revival.