How it Works

The name exchange process is conducted in a very smooth and quick distribution. (See the video below).

1. The pink (ladies) and blue (men) prayer cards are handed out individually, as the people come into the sanctuary by the ushers. You can download the prayer cards and have them printed (business card size using card stock): Prayer Card Front, Prayer Card Back. (After the PDFs open, right click and save the documents to your computer. You can then use those files for printing.) Card

Card Front Card

Card Back

2. At the end of the pastor’s message 5 minutes will be needed to explain and conduct the actual name exchange process.

3. Everyone has a prayer card in their hands: pink for ladies, blue for men, to separate the genders. The congregation prints their name on the back of the card; it is optional to provide email address and phone number.

4. The ushers will then collect the cards using the collection plates (do not separate them).

5. After the service, on his or her way out of the sanctuary, each person is instructed to take a card (again, pink for ladies and blue for men). Check to make sure it is not your name.

6. The name exchange is now completed.

7. Each person is being asked to pray for ‘his or her person’, by name, every day specifically for spiritual revival. On the front of the card are suggestions for how to pray in this fashion. Will you do this for 3 months?

8. We will watch, with great anticipation, the Holy Spirit work in your lives.

Side Note: In 3 months, this process will be revisited; do another name exchange, and add the second name to the first. Each person will now pray for 2 people, every day in the same fashion. Do two more name exchanges at 3-month intervals. After one year, this will result in each person praying for 4 people and 4 people praying for them.