For Missionaries

I am a retired dentist. A few years ago, the Lord called me to a ministry that addresses the spiritual drought that seems to plague many local churches. As a result, God is bringing spiritual revival to many saints, local churches and He appears eager to do so.

Church congregations accomplish this by simply exchanging names for the sole purpose of praying daily for the targeted person. People thus are taking their eyes off themselves and focusing on the spiritual needs of others by means of this (organized) daily praying.

It occurred to me that this type of revival ministry would also benefit missions, in at least two ways:

1. Restore or ignite a passion for missions at the level of the local congregation.
2. Reestablish or strengthen the bond between individual missionaries and their home/supporting churches.

To benefit from SaintsPray:

1.    Conduct a name exchange (How It Works) at the church you are currently attending on the mission field.
2.    Encourage home/supporting churches to undertake this type of ministry, including the missionary’s name in the congregation’s name exchange.

The procedure I suggest is, ask that a pink (lady) or blue (men) card be filled out with the missionary’s name, mission board, perhaps also an email address, to be included in the congregation’s name exchange. The missionary’s name (on the prayer card) will be selected by a church member and the missionary in turn will receive a church member’s prayer card (perhaps with his or her photo).
This type of intercessory prayer, ‘Praying for others, by name… for spiritual revival’, is unleashing the power and spirit of God in people’s lives.