I am Marshall Angotti, retired dentist and sinner saved by God’s grace.

About a year ago, I sensed the Lord calling me to a prayer ministry that addresses the spiritual drought that seems to be plaguing many local churches.

“Pray for one another, by name — for spiritual revival”. (Eph 6:18, Rom 8:14)

The vision I have is the Holy Spirit creating revival in the lives of individual saints, which collectively may lead to revival of the local church. It becomes contagious.

Pastors would no longer need to spend endless time and so much energy trying to motivate, push, prod and convince the congregation to grow closer to the Lord and to do His work, for example to evangelize, to live a self-sacrificing life, to be a blessing to others.

I believe that prayer unleashes the power and spirit of God, in a person’s life. As a result of this ministry, I am personally seeing authentic dramatic ‘spiritual miracles’ in people. A husband finally became the spiritual leader of his home; the excitement of a 79-year-old man about Jesus has spread to 3 generations of his family. These are only a few examples of the exciting things that are happening.

I am not seeking financial support; this ministry such as I envision, requires no money. It is a free gift from the Lord to the pastors and congregations of local churches, targeting spiritual drought. I want simply, to be His vehicle to deliver this gift of ministry to you.